If you are planning to pay Quebec a visit, it may be worth doing your research ahead of time so you can plan your trip accordingly. It can be tempting to just go with the flow and see where your holiday takes you but by finding out everything you need to know beforehand; you can plan the perfect travel itinerary and have the time of your life in Canada’s largest and, arguably, most beautiful province.

1. La Château Frontenac

By heading down the St. Lawrence River past Quebec City, you will find yourself towered by the majestic La Château Frontenac. It has been a hotel for centuries but is open for guided tours for tourists to get up close and personal to one of the country’s most awe-inspiring architectural feats and marvel at its 400-year-old beauty. As one of the world’s most photographed hotels, bringing your camera can allow you to capture memories that are guaranteed to last a lifetime as you meander through the building’s adorned halls before experiencing the old-town charm of nearby Old Quebec.

2. Casino de Montreal

If you like to have fun whilst experiencing the sights and sounds of your chosen travel destination, Casino de Montreal is a must during your upcoming trip to Quebec. An exquisite land-based gaming venue, it is the largest of its kind in Montreal comprising three main buildings. If you frequent casino argent gratuit sans dépôt online on a regular basis, for example, this world-class gambling hub truly must be seen to be believed and visited at least once in a lifetime.

3. Montmorency Falls

Niagara Falls may be the most universally known waterfall in Canada, but Quebec’s Montmorency Falls is over 30 feet higher and, arguably, more impressive with a total height of 83 metres and the impressive Montmorency Manor overlooking the waterfall’s basin on the St. Lawrence River. If you are feeling brave, there is also an opportunity to walk along a suspension bridge that takes you directly above the falls for a birds-eye view of one of Quebec’s most breath-taking natural wonders.

4. Old Port Quebec City

Over the years, Quebec’s historic waterfront has been renovated from the ground up and, as a result now includes a number of museums, markets, and restored buildings guaranteed to leave you with a true taste of La Belle Province. It may have been one of the busiest ports in North America throughout the 19th century but today, the rich history of Old Port Quebec City can still be observed through a series of carefully preserved buildings and tourist attractions.

If you have an upcoming trip to Quebec planned for the next couple of months, you may be wondering what you can do during your short time there with a number of globally renowned tourist attractions as well as hidden gems to choose from. This includes the historic hotel La Château Frontenac, Montreal’s largest land-based casino Casino de Montreal, one of the country’s highest waterfalls Montmorency Falls, and the historic waterfront of Old Port Quebec City.